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Thu., Feb. 10, 2011

This chief’s ready to retire

I woke up after two days of viewing rioting in Egypt in the news. To see a mass of humanity, who by this time had become nothing but an uncontrollable mob. They had gone so far as to burn and pillage their own historical landmarks.

I’m an average American with limited knowledge of why these types of things happen in the Middle East and “frankly, Scarlet, I don’t give a damn.” My grandmother, a believer, told me once “there will always be fighting in the holy lands.” Her 94-year-old wisdom has proven correct.

It’s like a smoldering fire that continuously erupts, and America is expected to be the fire chief and provide the equipment, knowledge, manpower and financial support to keep putting out these fires. I’m getting tired of being the banker and policeman for a world that shows no gratitude and damn little support in all aspects of these political and religious eruptions. It’s about time some other fire chief responds to these five-alarm fires and give America a breather. Our chief has all he can do to put out our own fires.

James A. Nelson


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