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Fri., Feb. 11, 2011

Prison accountability necessary

The recent killing of prison guard Jayme Biendl was entirely foreseeable and preventable.

Prison superintendent Scott Frakes’ statements about “balancing security with inmate productivity” and his desire for a “clean criminal investigation” are entirely inadequate.

When a ship sinks, whatever the reason, the captain is held responsible. If Mr. Frakes hasn’t got the decency to resign, then his boss, Department of Corrections head Eldon Vail, should remove him.

Perhaps they both need to go.

Are you listening, Chris Gregoire?

My prayer is that someone somewhere will do something to ensure that another person doesn’t literally have to have the life choked out of them (on their job) in order for the rest of us to realize there’s a problem.

Steve Hardy

Omak, Wash.

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