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Fri., Feb. 11, 2011

Proud of anti-tax link

Thank you, Spokesman-Review and Shawn Vestal, for your mention of the Constitution Party in your recent column (Jan. 28) on the work of Citizens For Responsible Taxation and their opposition to the school levies on the Feb. 8 ballot. Though the Constitution Party is not connected with Citizens For Responsible Taxation, I consider it an honor to have our party associated (both in your article and now in the minds of the public) with their effort to defend taxpayers against ever increasing taxation and government spending.

I do however find it curious that The Spokesman would allow one of its reporters to use the community’s leading newspaper to openly attack, ridicule and insult the intelligence of citizens who oppose tax increases (approximately half the voters at any given election). Nevertheless, if Mr. Vestal and The Spokesman-Review are going to hold in contempt those members of the community who seek lower taxes, decreased spending and greater accountability from our public schools, then I consider it an honor to have the Constitution Party implicated along with Citizens For Responsible Taxation.

Robert W. Peck

Chairman, Constitution Party of Washington

Spokane Valley

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