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Start the tweeting at home

This is the time to yelp, and the Egyptian/Tunisia uprisings – in my opinion – are the catalyst for a lot of our voiceless rage.

One Egyptian uttered, “We are even patient for a lack of food but the administration doesn’t listen to us.” We have allowed the media to direct the American people’s attention to far-off shores, a diversion from the disasters happening at home, i.e., financial crisis, employment and health care, to name a few.

While the world is reeling during our despondency, a federal judge sensing vulnerability rejects an approved health care bill – albeit not perfect (former Reagan Solicitor General Charles Fried stated, “I am quite sure that the health care mandate is constitutional.”) – presents an opportunity to vent against Congress for not doing their jobs of setting up a single-payer system.

Rather than admire the usage of tweets, Facebook and YouTube of people contacts abroad – as fire jumps fields, can that jump reach these shores? Isn’t it time for U.S. participation in real politics other than watching “flash mobs” entertain and push for direct changes that benefit people, using the same techniques on elected officials that are not “listening”?

Edward Thomas Jr.


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