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Idaho education at risk

The assault on Idaho’s children continues. Superintendent Luna’s proposal to increase class size, replace teachers with computers and remove due process protections from teachers will have disastrous effects on education in Idaho.

Computers and larger class sizes are not what our children need. His attack on teachers will result in no intelligent person ever seeking a teaching position in Idaho. The superintendent created this plan with no input from stakeholders. He did not seek input from administrators, school boards, teachers or parents. This plan was sprung on the Idaho public and rushed to committee amid threats that, if it were not passed, we would see even greater cuts to education.

If this weren’t bad enough, a new proposal would cut kindergarten funding by two-thirds. If this passes, the only children able to attend kindergarten would be at-risk children and those fortunate enough to have parents able to afford private schools. This proposal is made in spite of the fact that all the available data equates early education with student success.

Idaho children need your help. Contact your legislative members today. Ask them to vote no on S1068 and S1069.

Michelle Lippert

Post Falls


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