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Organizers showed character

Concerned parents have organized forums to discuss their view of the current approach to math education used by the Spokane school district. These parents see a problem and seek community input to work toward a solution. That’s character.

District administrators attended each forum, attempting to monopolize the discussion – keeping the discussion off their approach to math instruction.

So, at Monday’s forum, organizers politely asked that the district’s employees not interrupt parents, that they wait for parents to finish speaking before shouting out a rebuttal and that they not raise their voices. The forum’s organizers remained focused on the goals of the forum. They attempted, politely, to “referee” the abhorrent behavior of district personnel. That’s character!

District employees, sticking to their apparent goal of running out the clock (the library closes at 8 p.m.) persisted in disruptive behavior. That’s a lack of character.

You claim (Editorial, Feb. 10) the parents that organized these forums tried to “deny educators a voice in the process.” Clearly, you have not spoken with the forum’s organizers OR any of the parents who were in attendance. You’ve gotten only one side of the story about the event. That lacks character, and class.

Miss Manners would NOT approve …

Thomas Rogers



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