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SUNDAY, FEB. 13, 2011

Records search hampers county

Former Spokane County Assessor Ralph Baker has apparently not recovered from the citizenry who booted him out of office and elected Vicki Horton. Baker’s comment (Letters, Feb. 8) regarding Horton’s implication he is associated with records requests which are crippling two county departments is much in character for the deposed assessor.

In addition, Baker states Horton is seeking laws to enable the withholding of information from the public. What I note are statements from Horton and Information Systems Director Bill Fiedler stating the requests could tie up their departments for decades, and cost the county hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It is no secret the county is in a budgetary crisis resulting in layoffs and cuts in services, including public safety. Apparently Mr. Baker would prefer the county spend valuable man-hours and funds on anonymous records requests. I would submit if a person feels strongly enough to submit a records request, perhaps that person should “man up” and identify himself.

I would suggest the only disappointed folks in the county assessor’s office are the few who supported the Baker regime. Most are glad to see him gone and out from under his dictatorial management style.

Terry A. Hontz


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