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Sun., Feb. 13, 2011

Voters wary of school spending

When will the powers that be learn that taxpaying voters are sick and tired of too many overpaid non-teaching personnel running the show, while the educational staff and students get the short end of the stick?

It starts and ends with these administrators who are “required” to do an ever-increasing this and that to acquire state and federal dollars, much of which is experiment and waste. I imagine there will be a few more failed school requests for them to wring their hands over and wonder about.

For instance, there seems to be a similar voter sentiment brewing in Colville and in even smaller communities, such as my own Northport. With shrinking on-campus enrollments due to home schooling and the online choice where a student may sign on to a “virtual school” located anywhere in the state, new building expansion with bricks and mortar doesn’t seem to be so important when refurbishing will often be just the ticket for the weary taxpayer.

It is no slight on the teacher or the student for them to work in an “old” structure, especially in the case of reduced enrollment.

Joe Dufresne

Northport, Wash.

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