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From our archives, 75 years ago

Where could you and your sweetie go for a Valentine’s date in 1936?

The State Theater was screening the romantic melodrama “Rose Marie,” with Nelson Eddy and Jeannette MacDonald. Then there was Greta Garbo in “Anna Karenina” at the Ritz, and hometown favorite Bing Crosby in “Anything Goes” at the Fox.

If a couple was in the mood for something a little more hard-boiled, there was the tough-guy drama “Show Them No Mercy,” based on the Weyerhaeuser kidnapping case.

From the Bing file: One of Bing Crosby’s old boxing instructors at Gonzaga University suddenly remembered that the now-famous Bing still owed him 75 cents for a boxing lesson he took in 1919.

So the instructor wrote him a tongue-in-cheek letter “in the best collection agency manner,” asking for his 75 cents.

Bing sent him back an envelope containing the following: A British postal order for one shilling; a British money order for one shilling; three unused New Zealand one-penny stamps; three English one-penny stamps and an international exchange coupon “of dubious value.”

Face value of all of the above: 74 cents.

Also on this date

(From the Associated Press)

1859: Oregon was admitted to the Union as the 33rd state. … 1929: The “St. Valentine’s Day Massacre” took place in a Chicago garage as seven rivals of Al Capone’s gang were gunned down.

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