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High Five: Kind strangers offer help

Neighbors lend hand as dogs attack

I like to thank all the people in my story. On my daily walk recently with my little dog I was attacked by two Akita dogs running loose in the neighborhood. It was a horrible experience and if it had not been for a gentleman who also had problems with them and was chasing them into the street, I don’t know what would have happened.

My little dog was severely bitten around the neck and I on two fingers. A lady, who also lives in that neighborhood, heard the commotion and came in her car. The dogs had been in her yard as well trying to kill her cat. I asked her if she would take me to our vet and she was glad to do it.

I am ever so grateful for the help I received from my neighbors and for everybody at our veterinary clinic too, Thank you, thank you! I like to mention also, that the dog owner, also a neighbor, has been to see me and is responsible.

Renate O. Leinen


Finder of wallet locates owner

On Jan. 29, I dropped my billfold. It landed near my parked car on Riverside Avenue.

A fireman named Abe discovered it. He locked it in his car and left a note on my windshield with his telephone number. Within 10 minutes I had my billfold back, with everything intact.

I would publicly like to acknowledge the integrity of “Honest Abe.” Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Ellen Collyer


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