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From our archives, 100 years ago

Spokane railroad officials issued a warning to all Wobblies: Don’t even think about hijacking our trains.

A group of Wobblies – members of the Industrial Workers of the World – had “captured” a train in Oregon the day before in an attempt to “join their comrades” in an encampment in Fresno.

Officials said they had heard reports that Spokane Wobblies were thinking about capturing trains here as well and taking them to Fresno. The railroad men said they were prepared to “use armed force if necessary to protect their trains.”

A Spokane IWW representative said that thousands of Wobblies intended to descend on Fresno, which was the center of the latest free speech fight, and then go on to Mexico to join the revolt against the Mexican government.

From the naval beat: The sister of the late Ensign John Robert Monaghan, of Spokane, officially launched the torpedo boat destroyer USS Monaghan in Newport News, Va.

Ensign Monaghan had been killed in 1899 in action on Samoa.

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1984: Italy and the Vatican signed an accord under which Roman Catholicism ceased to be the state religion of Italy.