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From our archives, 75 years ago

Police arrested four bookies for operating telegraph horse-race betting operations in Spokane.

In addition, detectives rounded up 14 more men suspected of being part of the telegraph operation. The operations allowed local patrons to bet on races in the Southern states by wire.

Two of the operations were conducted out of cigar stores, the Portuguese Cigar Store and the wonderfully named Smith’s Dope Cigar Store.

From the gender inequality file: The Spokane Daily Chronicle asked this “Person On the Street” question: “Are women generally as good executives as men?”

The answers fell mostly along gender lines. One woman secretary said, “We can cite enough success stories among women to prove that they are, in general, as good as the men.”

A businessman said a woman’s “reactions make her less tolerant of her subordinates.”

However, one male company president said the conventional idea that women couldn’t be good executives was “being dissipated” and that he saw no reason a woman shouldn’t “be generally as good as a man.”

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(From the Associated Press)

1942: President Franklin D. Roosevelt authorized the military to relocate and intern U.S. residents.

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