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The Slice: Food-craving felines develop fancy ways to get their feasts

Sat., Feb. 19, 2011

Slice readers told about how their cats alert them to urgent food bowl issues.

“I have three well-fed cats and they work together,” wrote Dan Brown.

The oldest feline employs head-butting and face-patting. The middle one howls.

“And the youngest one pushes the bowl against whatever will make the most noise.”

Ann Echegoyen said her cat figured out that Echegoyen cannot hear. “So she developed her own CSL (cat sign language). She has a vocabulary of pokes, pushes and proddings that I understand quite well.”

Of course, when the pet owner can hear, speaking up is a popular approach.

“Skunk, my almost 17-year-old cat, meyowls from the time the alarm goes off in the morning until I get back in the house from getting the paper,” wrote Sue Storer.

“He then proceeds to get under my feet, in the cupboard and in the refrigerator until I finally put his dish down.”

Debbie Wicklund used to have a cat, Tom, who would take the situation in hand, so to speak.

“He would literally grab your ankles/feet and try to pull you to the dish, talking the entire time. He even drug me by my shoelaces if I had shoes on.”

Slice answers: The majority of responding readers said they always prepare their own tax returns and consider it a matter of principle.

Warm-up question: Do you keep or carry a good-luck memento? What is it?

Today’s Slice question: Which comes closest to being Spokane’s quintessential means of self-expression and demonstration of personal style?

A) Not sweating the little stuff. B) Taking pride in being able to flick a cigarette butt a considerable distance. C) Being exhausted from working two jobs. D) Inability to spell. E) Actually listening to your kids. F) All but wearing a sign on your forehead that says “Alcohol might be involved.” G) Being able to fix things. H) Abusing a dog in the name of training it to watch guard over a bunch of junk cars. I) Doing without so the children won’t be embarrassed about what they wear to school. J) Being willing to help a stranger. K) Country music hair. L) Other.

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