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Spokane police deserve respect

While in British Columbia, I saw much unnecessary force by police, including while I worked with police in a victim services program. In Spokane since 2005, I’ve encountered police on the job five times: two deserved traffic offenses, giving evidence, asking directions while the officer was seated in his car on a dark street and, lastly, I approached an officer in his car. I was treated with courtesy and respect.

In the latter two instances, in Vancouver I could well have been forcibly restrained. The news shows that many folks here have a distinct lack of respect for order and decency. The deaths of folks in encounters with the police are very tragic, but NONE of us were present, including pundits who criticize the police at the safety of their keyboard using turn of phrase to satisfy their overblown egos rather than be part of the solution. Congrats. You are so clever while lives have been ruined.

There are some bad cops. No one is perfect. As bad cops show themselves for who they are, they are ousted posthaste.

In contrast to Georgi Cusick’s Feb. 15 letter, I believe everyone deserves timely assistance from police when needed.

Colin Harris



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