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From our archives, 75 years ago

A Lewiston woman used vinegar as a polishing agent for her hot kitchen range – except it wasn’t vinegar after all.

It was gasoline.

The subsequent explosion caused serious burns on her head. It also started a fire that burned down the house. She was in critical condition; three others in the house also were hospitalized.

From the public service beat: The Pasadena Park Water District headquarters was the scene of considerable drama.

A new board of five directors had recently been elected, but the old board refused to quit, citing irregularities. A few days later, this dispute turned physical. Two of the old directors and one of the new were arrested on assault charges. A trial was pending.

From the parking beat: You think parking is a problem in Browne’s Addition today? In 1936, overnight street parking was completely banned.

Yet too many people were doing it anyway. The police chief complained that “people have been getting too lazy to put their cars in garages,” so he was going to fine all overnight street parkers.

Also on this date

(From the Associated Press)

1582: Pope Gregory XIII issued a papal bull outlining his calendar reforms. … 1803: In its Marbury v. Madison decision, the Supreme Court established judicial review of the constitutionality of statutes.

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