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Dempsey responds to Allison column

Just this once, I will reply in my defense to Dan Allison’s column in the Valley Voice (Vocal Point, Feb. 19).

1. My position on the Sprague/Appleway Revitalization Plan did not change, the City Council changed. I was against SARP because it went too far, it was too extreme.

After the Positive Change council took over, I was against eliminating SARP because it was throwing the proverbial baby out with the bathwater – extremism in the other direction. I believe moderation in all things serves the majority well.

We could have turned SARP into a benefit for our community. Instead, we not only have no “plan,” we have no plan to even have a plan, and our business community suffers.

2. I never ever came unprepared for council meetings. I studied all material supplied by staff prior to taking my seat on the dais. Can the same be said for all on the council?

3. The single, only thing that had me confused was how the elimination of the city center designation and a zone change for the benefit of a single business could possibly be considered an emergency. The 800-pound canary/council proved it could do whatever it wanted to do. But, emergency? Not in my book.

4. Again, it was my honor to have served the people of the city of Spokane Valley. I was always aware that my responsibility was not only to those who voted for me, but to every resident and every business in our wonderful community.

Rose Dempsey

Spokane Valley