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Sat., Feb. 26, 2011

Jail doubts mounting

I am a member of the “very small, very deceptive group” of volunteers with NO New Jail campaign, County Commissioner Richard should take a look at our website to see that our coalition is growing.

We know there are better options than building another facility. And there is no deception in savings of the original price tag, $265 million. One-hundred million dollars is easily saved when you account for interest.

As a “deceptive” member of the coalition, I presented NO New Jail concerns to Cliff Cannon Neighborhood Council on Feb. 10 and received a positive reception. I was shocked to hear our sheriff, Ozzie Knezovich, state that the jail was an inhumane setting.

This statement is an injustice to hardworking county employees. Inhumane treatment has little to do with space; it is about attitude, dignity.

As the leader of our jail, it is the sheriff’s responsibility to ensure the humane treatment of our citizens who are incarcerated. If he is concerned about treatment, it is time he takes concrete steps (and not more concrete) to bring the changes required to treat every prisoner with the respect and dignity they deserve. Deceptively yours?

Louise Chadez


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