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SUNDAY, FEB. 27, 2011

Final choice up to patients

The issue is that people who provide health care don’t understand what “consent” means. I react very angrily when a doctor tells me she/he will decide what to do about my health because she/he is the doctor. I am the only one who knows about my life, my values and my faith (not Judeo-Christian), and in a lot of cases, there is conflict.

If our Constitution prevents the federal government from making a law respecting any religion, I can presume that a state needs to do the same. I do not expect a health care provider whose faith forbids them to discontinue a tube feeding to do so. But I need to know in advance that that is what they will do so I or the person who has my power of attorney for health care can find someone else who will follow my advanced directives.

Barbara Morrissey


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