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Get government out of kitchen

Recently, California passed a law requiring fast-food restaurants to list the caloric contents of their menu. While this may sound OK to some, it is but another disturbing trend toward big government interference. As it is said, “As goes California goes America.”

Where does it end? Are the liberals going to get their wish and bring about a “1984” society, complete with thought police? They are certainly getting a lot of help from the ACLU, the Supreme Court, and other enemies of enterprise and independent thought.

Fight back. Let your duly elected representatives know that you are capable of thinking for yourself. Tell them that you don’t want Big Brother dictating your every move.

While you’re at it, tell them that they should let big business stand on its own two feet as well. The last thing we need, as a nation, is for Uncle Sam to become “Uncle Joseph” (Stalin).

Douglas R. Benn



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