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Sun., Jan. 2, 2011, midnight

Shoveling, Part 2

I do a fine job of keeping my sidewalk and the corner fire hydrant clear. I do this for people who take leisurely strolls through Spokane’s beautiful winter wonderland and because it is required by the city.

I feel that the city sometimes sets out to make this job difficult. Being young and fit, removing 6-8 inches of natural snowfall was not the worst thing I’ve done. For others (my middle-aged father with a heart condition for example) that job would be tough, taking an hour or two at least.

Now is where the city makes it difficult. I spent my morning clearing it off, and as I am standing, admiring my work, the city’s tractors come roaring down the road.

I think, “Roads plowed so soon, that’s nice,” but as they move 6 inches of snow that was spread evenly over the road, into about a 3-foot by 3-foot berm of snow that now resides solely on my shoveled sidewalk, my thought of “nice” changed.

I’m heading out for a good couple hours of shoveling, because the best of snowblowers won’t move this.

Scott Hagood Jr.


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