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SATURDAY, JAN. 8, 2011

Kershner stands out

A note of appreciation in this fresh decade for our local newspaper and especially for Jim Kershner. Combining wit with humble erudition in personal columns, he helps fill the absence of national precursors like Mike Royko and Art Buchwald. We loved this week’s bit about Seasonal Affective Disorder and the local tribes. One wishes he enjoyed a longer leash to take on political commentaries as well.

He teases out the best of Spokane from a century ago to please us with “This Day in History,” a column that shares tales of human follies and mawkish dignities as widespread as spores. He is also a staff historian at

Local history is more than an avocation, though. His book on black Spokane lawyer Carl Maxey, published by the University of Washington Press, was a finalist for the 2009 Washington State Book Award.

His coverage of the written and performing arts alone should earn him a fat raise. He’s a quick study, and readers can always rely on him to illuminate the backgrounds of our plays and books.

Without him, who would assuage the vacancies left by an attrition at this newspaper approaching 50 percent? Thanks, Jim Kershner, for your hard work.

Paul Lindholdt


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