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Rebates bad for budget

The governments should be run like a household – only buying what you need, not what you want! And do not charge things that you cannot afford. Our governments – cities, counties, states and the federal one – are so far in debt that it is unfathomable to see how we will get it fixed and paid off! Giving rich folks more tax refunds is not even doable! And not sensible! It only makes us further into debt! Any rebates to rich folks lets them buy another vacation home, a new sports car, European vacation, etc.

The rich are paid back for their donations on the backs of the poor and the near poor, with laws benefiting the rich!

We cannot change the laws when those elected are beholden to the few! They just let us think they have fixed it, so they are not taking donations from big businesses and rich folks, but it is all smoke and mirrors!

Our forefathers did not envision professional elected officials; they felt farmers and small business owners, etc., were to guide our country.

Pat Corbin



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