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Sun., Jan. 9, 2011, midnight

Bike push unrealistic

Not trying to rain on anyone’s bike parade, however, concerning “Merging Traffic” in Sunday’s Jan. 2 Spokesman-Review, the Inland Northwest was viewed “way behind” Portland and Seattle in biking routes. I suppose that would mean downtown routes.

Glancing outside, Seattle and Portland obviously lack the same winter dynamics found here. Biking some Novembers, definitely December through February and possibly March wouldn’t be tops on most folks’ recreation list.

Let’s be real – downtown is already congested with one-ways that always seem to conflict with where you are trying to go; slanted street parking is scarce and narrows actual driving space. Combine these tight factors with winter snow removal and we are wanting to add bike “sharrows” for 0.8 percent of the public to use realistically six or seven months out of the year?

This is like taking a busy beehive and adding one more layer to the confusion. We already have wonderful paths where no one is on top of anyone else, like the Centennial Trail. Why would I risk life and limb to bike to the city’s heart? I’m not there to bike but shop. Shame on the article’s author for using bike tragedies for this unevenly weighted article.

Mary Ellan Moe


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