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SUNDAY, JAN. 9, 2011

GOP lesser of two evils

The last election showed that a substantial portion of the progressive Democratic agenda is unpalatable to a plurality of the governed, yet, despite this, the march of the “czars” continues with the illegal regulatory scheme for the Internet and the planned administrative imposition of cap and trade to assuage the empirical fraud that is the global warming industry.

The victorious GOP cannot delude itself for, at present, they are simply the lesser of two evils. They cannot repeat their own brand of progressive governance and rapacious partisan spending. They must return this government to constructive constitutionalism with the corresponding fiscal sanity. They must attempt to repeal, or affirmatively defund, the usurpation of authorities and all governmental entities not sanctioned by the Constitution, allowing only those powers that are “limited and defined” to those whom they are granted.

Should they again fail their oath of office, they will be rejected and cast out, creating a vacuum into which the progressive will rush, bolder and more destructive than before. The republic may not survive, the GOP will not.

There will be criticism for fidelity to enumerated powers but the truth and the Constitution are an absolute, desirable defense.

Gary Warren


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