January 18, 2011 in Letters, Opinion

Confused on autism


Last week the AP released an article on how the study linking autism to vaccines was fraudulent. This surprised me because that story was a couple years old. I felt like there must be another shoe to drop.

Lo and behold on Monday a story was released about a study linking autism to the length of gap between each child being born in a family. I am not sure which to believe – that is the problem. This makes us more aware that the media has an agenda.

The first thing that came to my mind was that this would take blame for autism from doctors and drug companies and place it on the parents. What I desire is an honest dialogue about the causes of autism, and yet like many other issues in the public domain today, we are not allowed. Each side is villainized.

I taught for many years overseas in Asia, working with over a thousand different children. During those years, I never met a child with autism. I have since taught small groups of children here and come across a couple with autism. It has made me question what’s going on and what is the truth.

John Seney

Spokane Valley

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