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Adult behavior wanted

Editor’s note: The first half of this letter was inadvertently deleted when it appeared on Sunday. It is being reprinted in its entirety.

Where’d the grown-ups go?

What happened to civic-minded individuals who sought to serve people, not just party or ideology?  What happened to debate that resulted in everyone coming together to make decisions work even better?  Where are politicians who defend the country from external forces and individuals from zealous majorities and minorities? Are free, unrestrained markets the only mark of our greatness?

What happened to media’s role to illuminate hypocrisy, inconsistency and lies? Has profit redefined their role as simple distributors of information, no matter how vile, incorrect or uninspired? 

Where are the corporate leaders who understand that their profit is a function of intelligent use of, and investment in, America?  Does business remember how the middle class was built and its effectiveness for their bottom lines? 

Where are citizens that care to be informed and participate?  Has gluttony reduced us to demonizing, finger-pointing and violence?  Who will stop confirmation bias and open their minds to confirmed facts over personal ideology and opinion?  Have greed and fear pushed us to the point of indifference?

What happened to accountability? 

Democratic freedom requires ongoing education, patience, courage, participation, tolerance – and respect.  In short, adult behavior.

But where did the grown-ups go?  And are they coming back?

Michael Quick

Newport, Wash. 


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