January 20, 2011 in Letters, Opinion

House leader evicting people


Hypocrisy is spelled Republican. Speaker John of Orange promised open debate and chance to amend in the House, and adequate time to review bills before voting. He promised bills will have to be paid for, then exempts tax cuts for the rich (Accounting 101: lower income increases deficits) from the process.

On the health care overhaul, he blocks debate and amendments when the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office figures show the deficit increasing by $230 billion if passed.

He promises that all Americans will have a say in the “People’s House,” then pushes through HR-1, without debate or amendments on the first day, which strips voting rights from the American territories and Washington, D.C.

He has created a royal oligarchy, rule by the privileged for corporate interests, not rule by and for the people. Democrats should play Robin Hood to Republican royalty, John of Orange and Eric the Black, who, with support from the Supreme Court, are destroying the last vestiges of rule by the people.

Where is Cathy McMorris Rodgers? Standing right behind the Boehner, smiling as she slips the knife into the backs of the middle class and less fortunate of her district. Cathy, where are the jobs?

Ed Simpson

Spokane Valley

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