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Letter: More than M and O needed now

Although voters have consistently passed the maintenance and operations levies (M and O) in Central Valley School District, a bond has not passed since 1998 when Central Valley and University high schools were replaced.

M and O levies only pay for the lights and the most basic of maintenance services to school buildings because the focus of these funds is for providing education to the students. By not having a regular capital bond we have forced our schools to defer needed capital projects and emergency fixes when buildings and equipment fail. When our buildings fail, we fail our students. This bond is as important for our kids as books and teachers. We can’t wait any longer. We all need functioning schools. We will all benefit.

The voter approval to fund $69.6 million will bring an additional $32.8 million from Olympia to fully fund the total $102.4 million cost of capital improvements projects included on this bond. As this bond brings needed buildings and improvements to our district it also brings jobs to our district, and most importantly, keeps our schools competitive and functioning for our kids. My children are grown, but I plan to vote “yes” and encourage all Central Valley District residents to support the upcoming CV construction and repair bond in our district.

Margaret Crabtree

Spokane Valley