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Read it and heed it

In response to a letter from Nancy Runyan on Jan. 12, the tea party knows exactly where the original constitutional document is kept. What they want is for the politicians to follow what it says. Plus, she has the misguided idea that the Bible leads to “… blind, unquestioning self-righteousness.” I ask Ms. Runyan, have you ever read either the Constitution or the Bible? Have you ever been to a tea party rally?

I find it sad that so many are so quick to deride or place blame on people or events they know nothing about and, worse, do not educate themselves, thinking they know everything and close their minds to enlightenment.

Ms. Runyan implies there is no constitutional right to individual gun ownership. Does she give that same implication to an unborn child to the right to life? Tea party members do. Does she want answers or does she want to analyze every possibility to the end of time?

Jeanne Thompson

Spokane Valley


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