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The Slice: Enjoying a road less traveled

Let’s start with a Slice answer.

“I’m sure I don’t have the area’s longest commute; it’s only 30 miles each way,” wrote Fritz Howard. “But I’m willing to bet I have one of the prettiest. I drive Highway 26 through the middle of the Palouse from LaCrosse to Colfax.

“The cycles of life are so evident, from the white snow of winter to the velvet green of the wheat in spring, to the golden fields in the late summer and the tilled soil of the seeding in the fall. Always changing, always different and always beautiful.

“And I like telling my Seattle friends that I drive 30 miles to work in the morning and sometimes I even see another car.”

Winners: It has been a while since I sent coveted reporter’s notebooks to readers in Idaho. So I’m pleased to announce that the winners of last weekend’s Slice contests both reside in the Gem State.

Sandy Wall of Hope, Idaho, was among those who knew that 1970’s “Five Easy Pieces” was the movie in which Jack Nicholson’s character is a onetime piano prodigy with family in the Evergreen State who tells a waitress he wants her to hold some chicken salad between her knees.

The “All in the Family” clue was a reference to Sally Struthers’ appearance in the picture.

And Gwen Kelley, a student at the University of Idaho, was one of the many who correctly identified 1998’s “The Big Lebowski” as the movie in which a ferret is referred to as a marmot.

“That’s what happens when you don’t even have an ethos,” she wrote

If you have seen this Coen brothers cult classic, you’ll understand that reference. If not, well, let’s move on.

Slice answers: Assuming the angry person doesn’t become violent, most responding readers said they would rather deal with someone who is in-your-face hostile than with someone who is passive aggressive.

Today’s Slice question: Does your driver’s license say you are not an organ donor because you have some crazy fear that they won’t make sure you are really dead before they start harvesting body parts?

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