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THURSDAY, JAN. 20, 2011

We need medical school

I am one of those kids when asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” always answered, “I want to be a doctor.” Now, here I am, a junior in high school, realizing that I have a future to prepare for, and recognizing that my dream was full of unseen challenges.

First, after the medical school education, the preponderance of graduates leave with years of debt. Having a medical school in Spokane will enable people to spend less money on commuting and housing, therefore decreasing the amount of living expenses.

Second, Spokane has a shortage of doctors and having a medical school would entice people to stay in Spokane. If the state of Washington were willing to supplement the costs of medical school for graduates willing to practice in Spokane and outlying areas, then it would decrease the shortage of doctors in our area.

Finally, our city already has teaching hospitals and it would be beneficial for our region to include a full medical school program. Spokane is currently a regional leader in the medical field and it would increase our significance by completing this picture with a medical school. If these hurdles are broken down, then the chances of fulfilling my dream are greatly intensified.

Meghan Watkins


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