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What’s in a word?

We have lost the war when it comes to words’ meanings in America. A “cut” means not spending more. “Redistribution of wealth” now means not taxing as much from someone who has earned his own money. “Charity” has been replaced with government stealing from one and giving it to another and then we get to take credit for being “generous.”

Democrats have long sought to convince people that as long as they were getting money from the government, no matter how low on the economic scale they had to stay, they were somehow benefiting from it. Somehow now being “poor” has become righteous. If you work hard and happen to get “rich” now you are “evil” and “greedy.” Words mean things and when they are corrupted then they mean nothing.

Let’s apply the left’s idea of “distributing the wealth” to a global scale. Isn’t it a fact that almost every living soul in America is “richer” than the majority of the world’s population? Shouldn’t that mean someone should take from all of us and redistribute it worldwide? Surprises, that’s the sole objective of the world left. Beware what you wish for, you just might get it.

Rob Leach


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