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Power outage causes flooding in Geiger Corrections center building

An early Sunday power outage left Geiger Correctional Facility without phones and security cameras for eight hours, Spokane’s sheriff’s office said.

The power outage began around 6:15 a.m. after water flooded the basement of the A building boiler room, the sheriff’s office said.

The flooding shut down power for cameras, doors and phones in both the A building and the B correctional building, said Sgt. Brett Sobosky.

Sobosky said the power failed after the boiler room pumps failed, allowing the water to flood the room. “It’s the ground water coming in, I’m told,” Sobosky said. “We pretty much need to keep the water pumps running all the time.”

The mechanical failure affecting the pumps was not identified, though Sobosky said the facility’s equipment is dated and problem-prone.

Electrical power was restored for phones and inmate building cameras by 4:20 p.m., Sobosky said. He noted that cameras in the boiler room building will remain out of order until sometime Monday.

Geiger has are no inmates in the A building, Sobosky said, adding the disruption posed no security risk.

The Spokane Airport provided a pump to remove water from the boiler room basement. Avista Utilities workers arrived to first turn off power, then turn it back on when the basement was dry, Sobosky said.