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Google to hire more than 6,000 workers

LOS ANGELES — Google Inc. is planning its biggest surge in hiring yet, meaning it will add more than 6,000 new workers in 2011.

The plans, which extend a hiring spree that began last year, mean big numbers for the Internet search giant, which plans to grow to more than 30,000 employees by the beginning of 2012.

The bold plan shows that Google is bullish about its chances as it engages in fierce competition with Silicon Valley giants such as Apple Inc. and with upstarts such as Facebook Inc. for fast-growing new areas such as mobile and social networking beyond its core business of search.

Google is also trying to keep employees, not just recruit them, as Facebook and others try to lure away top engineers. Last fall, Google announced a 10 percent raise for all its employees.

Hiring will be spread across the new initiatives.

Google added 4,565 workers in 2010, a 23 percent jump and the largest since its hiring binge in 2007, when it added 6,100 workers. So analysts were not surprised that Google planned on pumping up hiring in 2011.


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