January 26, 2011 in Letters, Opinion

More Canadian comparisons


Thank you for printing Kevin Hall’s “Canada’s mortgages, banks untouched by U.S. pitfalls” (Jan. 16). Hall writes, “Maybe Canada has something to teach the U.S. about housing finance.”

It would be helpful to be able to compare/contrast both countries’ other systems as well. Canada’s approach to immigration and national security, education and financing of postsecondary education is different. Health care in Canada is ranked higher quality at about half the cost and does not lead to bankruptcy and home foreclosures.

Canada would benefit from being more under the microscope, too. Their underprivileged are falling through cracks and there is always room for improvement in any health care system.

I hope The Spokesman-Review will look for more articles to print about Canada/U.S. interrelations, both positive and negative. It would provide another measure of balance when discussing left/right issues by broadening the discussion to include how other countries left/right solve similar problems.

Elizabeth Bowman


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