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Sat., Jan. 29, 2011

Community needs sound schools

As empty-nesters (almost, one keeps coming back), we support the bond efforts proposed by our Valley district. The implications for student achievement and teacher support are overwhelmingly in favor of a yes vote.

Who we are starts with the household environment, followed by the classroom teacher, and then moves outward into our community. Our values as a neighborhood are reflected in our public schools, just as our schools reflect who we are as a community.

A no vote would definitely send a disapproving message to a superintendent and/or school board, but the negative consequences and costs for students and teachers are felt for years to come. Wouldn’t a better approach for communicating concerns be to continue the day-to-day work at the buildings in the classrooms with our students and teachers? Continue to ask questions, continue to meet with the building and district administrators and continue to be visible at your child’s school.

Focusing on a shared mission fosters relationships and produces win-win outcomes.

It is important for all stakeholders to find common ground and coordinate their efforts to create meaningful learning environments, sustainable communities and to raise academic achievement in all of the Valley schools.

Rick and Theresa Kendall

Spokane Valley

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