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SATURDAY, JAN. 29, 2011

Critical thinking favors bond

As a Mead graduate, I was horrified by the postcards I received opposing the Mead school bond. Voters need another perspective.

Updating school facilities is not about aesthetics; it benefits learning. My class was the first to spend four years in the updated Mead High School. During the renovation, several walls between classrooms were replaced with dividers that could be opened or closed depending on academic needs. These classrooms housed my sophomore and junior humanities classes, where I spent two periods a day with teachers that collaborated to help the 60 students in the class develop as readers, writers and historians, challenging us as critical thinkers. Humanities was (and is) an intellectual community where we explored new ideas and strove to understand what it means to be a responsible citizen.

I am grateful to taxpayers who passed bonds that contributed to my education. I voted “yes” on this bond so future Mead students will have similar opportunities.

If you still question the necessity of the bond due to recent propaganda, I urge you to do as I was taught by my Mead teachers: consider the writer’s perspective, consult multiple sources and take time to think critically before jumping to conclusions.

Carolyn Green


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