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The Slice: Soccer names score big on many levels

Sat., Jan. 29, 2011

Slice readers kicked in some ideas for the Spokane Black Widows, the adult women’s soccer team thinking of changing its name.

You can decide for yourself which ones ripple the net and which clang off the crossbar.

Gary Polser, Kay Krom, Mary Cayer, Keri Yirak, Sam Schlieder and others suggested the team call itself the Spokane Marmots. Some were amazed that I didn’t include that in my own list of possibilities Tuesday.

Well, there’s one problem. There is already a local women’s rugby team using that name.

Other ideas included:

Spokane Ravens – Janet Culbertson.

Spokane Spokes – Jennie Groenig.

Spokane Slice Girls – Jeannie Maki.

Spokane Fluoride – Dick O’Brien.

Spokane 509ers – Dana Freeborn.

Spokane Ash Kickers – Jim Mowreader.

Spokane Police – John Lodge.

Spokane Chaos – Kimberly Middleton.

Spokane Construction Girls – Mary Ann Bolter.

Readers’ other suggestions included Nemesis, Inland Queens, Steamboat Rockers, Rumblers, Naturals, Spokanimals, Tenacitors, Lakers, Vista Cruisers, Prairie Gamblers, Arcs, Marmotz, Zigs, Detour, Lilac Raid, Ice Storm, Skywalkers, She-Cats, Birds of Prey, Maggotz, Soccer Momz, Dropouts, Drive-bys, Red-Light Cameras, Shooters, Teeth Gnashers, Intrepids, Spokane F.C., Real Spokane, Spokane United, Spokicks, Spotholes, Kickballers, Red Card Raiders, City Sisters, Lilac Attaack!, Marmettes, Fruitcakes, Determinations, Chipmunks, Coyotes, River Ravens, Falls and SpoGOOOOOOOOOOO AAAAAAAAAAAL.

“Ladies” and “Gentleman”: A reader in North Idaho offered an explanation for the singular/plural sign confusion at the Davenport Hotel (Monday’s Slice). The entryway signs are correct, he said, because men go to the restroom by themselves but women tend to go in pairs.

Warm-up question: If dragged into a windowless room and presented with skyline photographs of Fort Wayne, Ind.; Hamilton, Ontario; Erie, Pa.; Rochester, N.Y.; Chattanooga, Tenn.; Springfield, Mass.; Grand Rapids, Mich.; Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and Spokane, what percentage of local adults would misidentify the Lilac City?

Today’s Slice question: Do baby sitters snoop?

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