July 1, 2011 in Letters, Opinion

Give culvert a rest


A follow-up to your recent article regarding driving range flooding at Indian Canyon Golf Course: Here it is July and the range has finally dried up (barely in time to avoid a community embarrassment when the Rosauers Open/Invitation golf tournament is held in a couple of weeks).

As late as early June, pools of water remained and only a week or so ago still an ugly mud bog.

What’s the cause of the annual fiasco? Well, now, here we have a difference of opinion: To all those of us who frequent the range, including yours truly, the culprit is that culvert which drains street water directly to the range. But the city/county experts aren’t so sure. Nope, they say, that development doesn’t produce that much water.

Well, OK, let’s accept that the cause lies elsewhere. If they are right we are left asking why we need that culvert at all. So why not humor all us non-experts who, while admittedly not expert groundwater geologists, do think we know gushing water when we see it. Why not immediately take out that culvert and see what happens? In the meantime, let the experts continue to dig (so to speak).

Robert Herold


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