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Fri., July 1, 2011

Personally foul

To the intoxicated dad from the 9-year-old boys team at Hoopfest.

We did not bring our son to play in his first Hoopfest tournament to hear your foul mouth as you celebrated your team’s victory before our game.

Or to watch you walk through the court in the middle of our game and disrupt our play.

Or to see you stumble onto the girls court next to ours where you tried to start a fight with the coach.

Or to see your buddy try to talk you down while he was telling our moms and dads to “zip it” when we tried to get you both off of our court.

You disrupted our play. You tried to turn a family sporting event into a bar brawl. And you are a poor example of the spirit of what should be a fun, clean, and safe event for all ages.

Shame on you. Spokane doesn’t need visitors like you.

Leah Barbieri


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