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FRIDAY, JULY 1, 2011

Red light ruling means stop

OK, who blew it? The red light photo program was ruled invalid by a local judge. Either the City Council ignored existing law or they were given incompetent advice. Every citizen should be reimbursed that has paid fines already.

This incompetent leadership by elected and unelected members of our city government is inexcusable. And I do not want to hear, “We were acting in good faith!” It’s all about $$$. This reinforces the “good old boy” mentality that prevails in Spokane today. We are Spokane. We do as we please.

Heads need to roll over this. The person/persons responsible need to be fired. And an appeal by the city also reinforces this “arrogant” attitude that is common amongst many city officials in Spokane.

William A. Hall


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