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Keep cameras, fix law

Why do I suspect that William A. Hall is one of those who got caught running a red light by the cameras (Letters, July 1)? Perhaps it was the arrogance and contemptuousness displayed so vividly in his letter. I believe he protests way too much.

For your information, Mr. Hall, the judge did not invalidate the entire red light program. Two citations were dismissed on a technicality, in that the police officer reviewing the tapes used an electronic signature rather than signing them in person.

I believe the judge erred in his ruling. People are allowed to use electronic signatures to file their income taxes, and the president of the United States can approve a bill submitted by Congress using the same method. Why not a police officer issuing a citation? A rewording of the law should fix any problem.

Almost every day, I see someone trying to save a minute by running a red light. Maybe you don’t value your own life, Mr. Hall, but I don’t want mine to end because of the recklessness displayed by those who don’t want to stop when they should.

Robyn Benjamin


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