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No more stoned drivers

I read with interest the article in the July 3 Spokesman-Review regarding medical marijuana. The main subject was how to treat the stoned drivers if they are caught driving while under the influence. My question is that if a person is so badly impaired that they need marijuana to relieve their discomfort, why are they driving?

We do not need any more lawyers for or against the law to debate it. My suggestion might be too simplistic, but I feel that one more law should be passed. The day that a person is approved to obtain marijuana for medical purposes, they lose their driving privileges.

I just turned 70. I will admit that some of my mental capabilities and memory have faded. However, when I took driver’s education over 50 years ago, I remember my teacher saying, “Driving is a privilege and not a right that can be taken away at any time.”

This is one instance that the privilege should be taken away.

Patricia A. McManus

Spokane Valley

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