July 9, 2011 in Letters, Opinion

Open environmental process


Serena Carlson’s letter to the editor (June 18) about Friends of the Clearwater and me is full of the usual tripe one expects from the former propaganda minister of a defunct timber lobby group. Perhaps Carlson perceives that our nation’s environmental laws that protect clean water are mere technicalities. If so, she is out of step with American citizens and reality.

Friends of the Clearwater participates fully in the legitimate public involvement process under the National Environmental Policy Act. Unlike the Clearwater collaborative, any citizen can participate in the legitimate public involvement process.

Public land decisions should be made through the legitimate and open public involvement process under the National Environmental Policy Act and other laws, rather than through special interest committees. Even had Friends of the Clearwater received a formal invitation to participate from Sen. Crapo, which did not happen, joining such an effort could compromise the public interest.

According to information obtained from the Forest Service, money for this collaborative group comes from U.S. tax dollars. In an era of tight budgets, that makes no sense.

Gary Macfarlane

Troy, Idaho

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