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Sign of partisanship

I have been watching the Condon for Mayor signs pop up in yards of known Republicans. This makes sense since he is the deputy chief of staff (on a leave of absence) to U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers. The Republican Party, Republicans and ultraconservative organizations will shell out a lot of money to meet his campaign goal of $425,000.

It is great that someone of his stature wants to be mayor. Spokane can benefit from an honest, positive exchange of ideas. However, I am puzzled by his yard signs. They say “mayor nonpartisan.” The mayor of Spokane is by statute nonpartisan. The implication is that he is nonpartisan (which we know is not true). The sign is not an outright lie, but it is clearly not the whole truth.

If this is an example of the half-truths we will hear from him during the campaign, then he will have squandered a great opportunity to promote honest debate on the issues and will have done a great disservice to this community. I hope for better from him during the campaign!

Dean Lynch



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