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The Slice: Ice cream soup isn’t on the grocery list

Here’s something I have been wondering about.

When it’s hot out, do you take any special steps to get frozen foods and refrigerator items home from the store unmelted or uncurdled?

Ice chests? Cold packs? Driving really, really fast?

Which are you most likely to say this summer: A) “Could you kids hold it down over there?” B) “I’m thinking of getting the band back together.” C) “Wearing sunglasses at the pool fools no one.” D) “I made that noise because this lake water feels like it was snow yesterday.” E) Other.

Please make it stop: Monday’s reader-submitted story about a post-vacation slide show that didn’t thrill the audience reminded Laurie Newell of her childhood.

“It brought back memories of the presentations that my dad used to give in the ’60s and ’70s,” she wrote. “Vacation slide shows are nearly always boring to people who weren’t along on the trip, but my dad could make it an ordeal even for those of us who were featured in the photos.

“Most of our vacations were camping trips to such spectacular places as Mount Rainier, the Olympics, Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Glacier, et cetera. You would expect the scenery to at least hold some interest. But every slide was accompanied by the details of what f-stop and exposure he had used.”

Just wondering: Can your pets sense the approach of a preschooler with jelly hands?

Slice speculation: If, in a conversation about local geography, you made up the name of an area lake — just flat created a fake name out of thin air — only half the people around here would question you about it.

“Lake Swearengen? Where’s that?”

This date in Slice history (2005): “Try to control your deck envy.”

Warm-up question: Under what circumstances would you consider drinking untreated water from a stream?

Today’s Slice question: How old were you when you looked your all-time best in a swimsuit?

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