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Tue., July 12, 2011

Caterpillar an old friend

In regard to Mr. Nelson’s letter (June 30), concerning Caterpillar’s choice to build an expanded distribution center:

Spokane has been a home to that company since its inception. Caterpillar was instrumental in the mechanization of the Northwest wheat industry and remains a major supplier of agricultural equipment as well as mining, logging and construction. Their engines are considered some of the best for large trucks, stationary power and marine applications.

It was a terrible loss of Rachel Corrie’s life. We all need to be cognizant of our surroundings, whether we are at home or in unfamiliar areas. Yelling at an earthmover in a battle zone can be compared to exposing yourself to a tornado or flash flood.

If you consider the equipment manufacturer even remotely responsible for her death, then nearly all manufacturers must share in some guilt.

The reference to the economic infrastructure – that has always been the responsibility of the people for the people.

Caterpillar, like most corporations, is investor-owned. The profits go back to the shareholders, not to some mysterious black hole. Is there some reason that Spokane should not benefit from corporate growth?

Joe Day


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