July 12, 2011 in Letters, Opinion

Stop mind-reading


Three things about Barbara Bentley (Bullying led to tragedy, July 2) are the paradoxical contents.

First: The insinuation of a “lack of judgment” of Officer Hirzel, and that he “killed” Mr. Creach (invoking “kill” three times). Is she saying that Officer Hirzel’s primary objective was to deliberately kill, and not to mitigate the situation by disabling him; resulting in a tragic death? How would she know this; is she a prophet?

Secondly: If we all make mistakes, her errors in judgment are that she didn’t think out her wording, thus making unfounded accusations against Officer Hirzel; namely, being a bully with a lack of conscience. In attempting to apply her Freudian psychoanalytic theory, she failed miserably because she concluded he has a “lack of conscience.” She knows nothing of the sort; ditto the prophet inference.

And lastly, how absolutely negative can she get dismissing “The Power of Positive Thinking,” to suggest anyone “will suffer … for the rest of their lives.” How about the seed, with the mindset they will overcome this temporary setback with: “… peace of mind, improved health and a never-ceasing flow of energy, and your life can be full of joy and satisfaction.”

But who am I to judge? Ditto!

David J. Rosenbeck

Medical Lake

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