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Annie’s Mailbox: Don’t cancel trip because of infant

Dear Annie: I have a female friend who’s never been to Disneyland. I offered to take her this summer, my treat. We are excited, but now I’m a little less thrilled because she insists on bringing her 1-year-old baby girl with us. I told her we are not going to have much fun if the baby comes, but she is adamant.

I like children, but would it be wrong of me to cancel the trip and risk ruining our friendship? Or do I just bite the bullet and see if we can enjoy ourselves with the baby? – D.T.

Dear D.T.: You are very generous, but not all mothers are willing to take vacations and leave their infants behind. While a year-old child is a bit young for Disneyland, it is possible to have a good time with a child in tow. In fact, there are some delights that are only possible when seen through the eyes of a child. But you must understand the limitations and set the rules in advance. Are you willing to help care for the baby? Does the child wake up in the middle of the night? Will a large Mickey Mouse frighten her? Will your friend take advantage of available babysitting services?

It is not unreasonable to cancel, but keep in mind that your friend may be equally unwilling to leave the child with a caregiver for the next 10 years. If you ever plan to take her to Disneyland, this may be as good a time as any.

Dear Annie: Please tell “Kuttawa, Ky.” to get a wireless headphone set for her husband, who can’t hear the TV. They are comfortable and allow the listener to walk around the house. I can hear much better with mine than I could with my hearing aids. And other family members are thrilled that I no longer ask them to turn up the volume. – Pennsylvania

Dear Pennsylvania: Many readers suggested headphones, wireless or otherwise. Our thanks to all who wrote.

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