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The Mystery of the Bogus Deliveries had Spokane merchants – and one local couple – baffled.

For months, deliveries of flowers, candy, groceries, perfume and liquor had arrived at the door of Mr. and Mrs. D. McLaughlin, 2710 Dean Ave.

The trouble was, the McLaughlins never ordered these things. Retailers all over Spokane reported that the orders had been made by phone – but charged to the accounts of prominent Spokane people, including Louis Davenport.

“Why, we’ve had boxes and boxes of candy piled up on the piano, and flowers all winter,” said Mrs. McLaughlin.

Another delivery arrived while a reporter was in the living room: A dozen bottles of beer and a bottle of claret from Jimmy Durkin’s saloon.

The McLaughlins said they had no idea why anyone would do this to them. Sending this stuff back was getting to be a burden. In fact, they weren’t sending it all back. They had apparently been eating lots of candy and the merchants were getting peeved.

As for the McLaughlins, they blamed it on “unknown enemies” intent on causing aggravation.

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(From the Associated Press)

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